Town of Sand Lake, Burnett County, Wisconsin

The Land

The Sand Lake Township is a rural township in the center of Burnett County in northwestern Wisconsin. It is a 6 mile by 6 mile square area of woodlands, agricultural fields, lake lots, and widely dispersed isolated homes. Geographically, Sand Lake Township is described as Township 39 North, Range 15 West (T39N R15W). The Sand Lake Township is bordered on the north by Jackson Township, on the east by Rusk Township, on the south by La Follette Township, and on the west by Meenon Township. There are many lakes, with the largest being Big Sand Lake. The Yellow River transverses the township on a generally east to west course from Spooner to Big and Little Yellow Lake finally joining the St. Croix River at Danbury. A significant portion of the township is publicly owned forest lands.

The People

By the 2010 Census, there are 531 permanent residents and a large number of people who utilize the Town of Sand Lake on a seasonal basis. There are 445 housing units in the Town and roughly half are occupied by permanent residents and half are recreational second homes and cabins.

The Local Government

The local unit of government in Sand Lake Township is the Town of Sand Lake. The Town of Sand Lake is governed by elected representatives - a Town Chair, two Supervisors, Town Clerk, and Town Treasurer. All positions are elected for two year terms in April of the odd numbered years. New officers are sworn into office at the April meeting of Town Board.

The Town Hall

The Sand Lake Town Hall is the historic Dongola School. This classic white frame one-room school house is located at 5364 County Road X -- on County Road X between Whistler and Dongola Roads.




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